Would you like to begin your journey towards game making mastership?

We’re glad to have you there!

First of all, you need to join RectorStudio community, which is called RectorNetwork. It’s the simplest thing in the world: you just need to login to our Discord server!

As soon as your subscription is received, you will be given access to RectorClass service!

If you’re already a RectorNetwork member, you can skip this step!

Join RectorNetwork

You then need to fill this simple form to set up your profile.

First of all, you need to choose your main role! This is what you’re mostly good at. You will be able to change that afterwards if you need to, so don’t worry.

  • Planner: works on game design & project management
  • Artist: realises arts / sountrack
  • Writer: works on the storyline
  • Scripter: writes the code / realises animations

We are building a specific learning path for each role. Roles are also fundamental to build up team during courses, so it is your first step into creating your profile.

Note that you will be able to complete each learning path: your main role is not a boundary!

Finally, choose your favourite game type: 1D [Visual / Kinetic Novels, textual games], 2D, 3D. This helps us understanding which game engines could be of interests for you.

You can fill all this information here below!

Each time you get to a learning path milestone, you will get a badge! Badges will be visible on RectorNetwork, and on your RectorStudio profile page. Both the features are under development, and will be released soon.